Saturday 09 Mar, 2024

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Studio Samo

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Stape is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to server-side tracking; Stape allows you to stop relying on client-side JavaScript and 3rd party cookies, utilize the power of the server-side approach, and get maximum from your tracking setup. Understand user behavior, trust your data, speed up site loading time, and grow faster. We’re building an infrastructure that simplifies server-side tracking. Everything from cloud hosting to custom solutions.

Stape offerings include 3 main products:

Global Server GTM Hosting

Create a tagging server for your server Google Tag Manager container in 1 click. No credit card is required. The main benefits include Unlimited logs, Multi-domain support, Global CDN, API, Custom GTM, 

GA4 loader, and many more.

European Server GTM Hosting

100% European-based and owned servers for sGTM for GDPR compliance while using Google Analytics. This is possible since Stape Europe is a 100% European company that does not share your user’s data with any US companies.

Use the sGTM interface as an extra layer to further protect your client’s privacy by cutting down on data that may identify them.