Saturday 18 May, 2019

Starting at 9:00am

HUB di LVenture Group e LUISS EnLabs

Rome, Termini Station 00185

Morning Workshop: Analytical frameworks

Analytical frameworks: how to get to know any analytics system inside out and start solving for business

Language                          English

Type                                    Technical/Business

Level                                   Beginner / Intermediate

Date/Time                        Friday, May 17. 10:00-13:00

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A sound analytical framework is a great safeguard against data misinterpretation. Using Yandex.Metrica as an example, we’ll learn to see data structurally and use our understanding of data architecture to avoid common analytical pitfalls.

What you will learn

  • how to create an analytical framework which is compatible with any analytical system and will guide your thinking when solving business tasks
  • how to solve real business cases confidently using Yandex.Metrica

Workshop structure

We will go through a little theory at first and make it in the form of quiz, and then solve real cases:

  • Theory. Learning the data structure in your analytics system. Different levels of data in Yandex.Metrica.
  • Practice. Answering the most burning business questions: why users churn and how to make them stay, what marketing channels are worth the investment, how seasonality affects sales and other everyday puzzles.

Session Audience

Junior-to-middle analysts, but seasoned experts are welcome to weigh in and comment.

Be sure to have your notebook handy, this way it will be more fun!

About the Trainer

Ksenia Anikeeva, Yandex.Metrica Head

Ksenia has been in digital analytics for over eight years. She’s gained considerable experience in analytics as a product manager of high-loaded consumer and business services such as Yandex.Disk, Yandex Maps API, and Rambler Analytics. And now in Yandex.Metrica, Ksenia is driving consumer-oriented product  development. She is passionate about making analytics simple and actionable.

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