Saturday 18 May, 2019

Starting at 9:00am

HUB di LVenture Group e LUISS EnLabs

Rome, Termini Station 00185

Afternoon workshop: Changing Analytical culture

Workshop Name How to Implement, Integrate, and Initiate Advanced Usage of Google Analytics
Language English
Type Technical/Business
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Date/Time Friday, May 17. 14:00-17:00


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You’ve probably seen a lot of Google Analytics implementations and most likely that at least once you’ve seen an implementation that:

  1. Provides not reliable data
  2. Is a mess in terms of user access management
  3. Is really confusing in terms of properties and views
  4. Doesn’t have clear ownership, nor documentation
  5. Doesn’t match business goals and objectives

During this workshop, I’ll show how it can be fixed. The process is not fast or easy, but it provides you with transparency, efficiency and flexibility.

Workshop structure

We will go through Google Analytics implementation framework: Prepare, Discover, Design, Implement & Integrate, Launch Readiness, covering each step in details.

  • Prepare – how to establish team members, timeline, and program objectives. I’ll explain how to collect all the necessary information for the assessment.
  • Discover – how to gain context on the current state and future state goals. I will share questionnaires and approaches that will help you find hidden pain points of the stakeholders to establish organizational buy-in for implementation.
  • Design – I’ll share best practices on how to develop tailored solution design and implementation plan based on business input and technical input.
  • Implement and integrate – we’ll go through the necessary steps to implement, integrate, and test the platform.
  • Launch readiness – how to ensure the technology is ready for launch and the business is organizationally prepared to operate in the new ecosystem.

Session Audience

Junior-to-middle analysts, but seasoned experts are welcome to weigh in and comment.
This workshop will be especially handy for agencies who provide analytics consultancy.
It might also come in hand for medium and large businesses that want to improve their digital maturity and are about to jump into analytics implementation or upgrade.
Be sure to have your notebook handy, this way it will be more fun!

About the Trainer

Mariia Bocheva is a Business Development Manager at OWOX BI with 6+ years of experience in marketing and product management. She has managed multiple departments and has worked her way up from the role of support manager.
Over the last five years, Mariia has worked with the largest multichannel retailers in the EMEA region and knows their pains and gains. She has spoken at the largest Ukrainian conferences, at MeasureCamp in London, at Superweek in Hungary, at eMetrics in Chicago, at ATD in Israel, and at other conferences around the globe.

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